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The LAST Free Soul Music Saturday, AKA What You Missed In December

You read it right. This will be my last Free Soul Music Saturday post for the foreseeable future. I’ve thought long and hard about this over the past few months, and I believe it’s time to pass the torch of blogging the best free Soul Music on the net to someone else.

The entire idea of Free Soul Music Saturday originally arose from the desire to carry on what HoneySoul was doing years previous. I loved her Free Music Friday blog; and when she decided to hang it up, I felt it was a necessary thing to carry it on in her stead. Hopefully someone will read this and take the initiative to do the same after I’m done.

The reason it’s time for me to stop is threefold. First of all, keeping track of the multitude of new music that hits the web is beginning to become a daunting task. Due to oversaturation, I had to stop including Podcasts a couple years ago and now it’s looking like I’ll have to stop including Beat Tapes. There is simply a ridiculous amount of material that’s being released that several other sources are already covering better than I am. So, for new R&B and Soul Music, I whole heartedly recommend you fix your RSS feeds to BamaLoveSoul, SoulBounce, and There are a handful of additional sources that you can probably find with some creative Googling or by utilizing the means I use to find new music as I’ve covered on my YouTube channel. For Beat Tapes, there’s nothing I’m finding that Strictly Beats, VelvetBeat, Beat Tape Co-op and 92BPM aren’t finding first. Those are my main sources, not including discoveries I simply find by artists I follow on SoundCloud

Secondly, one of the main reasons I decided to do a Free Soul Music blog in the first place was to generate more traffic and/or money to my own website. To be honest, after a number of years, the blog hasn’t grown; neither have my website analytics or fanbase. In fact, I doubt there are many people even really paying attention to what I’m doing with it. And it’s certainly not generating any kind of money. I was ok volunteering my time for a couple years in the effort to build it, but at this point for the amount of time and effort I spend on this blog, it’s just not paying off. Which brings me to point #C…

Probably the best way for me to get new people visiting my personal website and blog on a regular basis is to actually start CREATING NEW ORIGINAL CONTENT. I’ve been stagnant as a songwriter and producer for the past year, mainly due to personal issues and my newfound family. But it’s time to get back to making music for myself. It’s time for me to commit to my own art once again. I’ll continue to enjoy all the wonderful music from other artists that’s hitting. But it’s past time for me to dive back into that ocean of creativity and start swimming for myself.

I’ve been proud to discover and feature the artists and friends that I have on this blog. And just because I’m not posting here doesn’t mean I won’t be putting up the occastional shout-out on my Facebook Page or Twitter feed. Please, by all means, follow me there if you have enjoyed me being your tastemaker for the past few years. And, please, also stay tuned to this space. I’ll be charting more of my progress as an original artist and posting new and exciting material. So I hope you’ll join me for that ride.

Anyway, that’s the long and short of why this is the last Free Soul Music Saturday. I hope you found something here at some point that gave you some pleasure. Now, onto the final list. As you know. I spent all of December posting the Best Of 2012. Well, music still came out last month, so here’s what you may have missed while I was recapping what happened all last year.

Here is my complete listening list for the December, and here is the Spotify playlist for December (good for one month).

Thanks, for the last time, to all the artists, producers, DJs, podcasters and music bloggers that bring this music to light!



QUASAR cover art
Adjoci – QUASAR

Elijah Blake – Bijoux 22 (EP)

Taps – Almost Home –



Angels cover art
Tracy Cruz – Angels

Cocaine 80s - Lucid
Cocaine 80s – Lucid

Ab – Forecast



ADH – Vibe

The Analyst
The Analyst – NonStopFunctional

Austin Brown – Highway 85 (The Mixtape – Vol.1)

CharlieRED - Religion EP Cover
CharlieRED – Religion –

Chris Turner LOVElife Is A Challenge
Chris Turner – LOVElife Is A Challenge

Chrisette Michele - Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation Cover
Chrisette Michele – Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation

Donnie – Live at the O.A.S.I.S. MJQ Concourse ATL

Ginette Claudette – Everything’s Comin Up

Kevin Cossom – Hook Vs. Bridge 2

Luke James – Whispers In The Dark

Marsha Ambrosius – Hors D’Oeuvres

Adaptation cover art
MYK & Shirosky – Adaptation

80 cover art
Osmojam – 80

Piff Gang – GreenHouse

Eclectic State Of Mind
Rickstar – Eclectic State Of Mind



Ciara "Got Me Good" [BGP RMX]
Ciara – Got Me Good [BGP RMX]

Consequence - "When I Woke Up" (co-starring Estelle)
Consequence – When I Woke Up (co-starring Estelle)

Craig David
Craig David – Fill Me In (Ryan Hemsworth Bootleg)

Dessy Di Lauro – Jump N Jivin

So Good cover art
the ISH Productions – So Good

Let It Snow cover art
Jesse Fischer – Let It Snow

High City Express
Midnight Runners – High City Express

Miguel – On These Wings

Miles Bonny x Ta-ku - As You Sleep On My Lap
Miles Bonny – as you sleep on my lap [beat by Ta-Ku]

Jamescorp Feat. Morris Alan Spirit Of Christmas
Morris Alan – The Spirit Of Christmas

Mr. J. Medeiros "Two Light Beams"
Mr. J. Medeiros – Two Light Beams

Mylah – Honesty

Robert Glasper Exp (feat King) - Move Love (SaysWho? Remix) cover art
Robert Glasper Exp (feat King) – Move Love (SaysWho? Remix)

Single: Dirty (Original Mixes) - FREE DOWNLOAD cover art
Tortured Soul – Dirty (Original) – FREE DOWNLOAD

Cocaine 80s
Cocaine 80s – Higher Self



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That’s the news, and I’m OUTTA HERE!!

Late September 2012 Update – Who is the Justice League of Soul?


You’re going to have to come out to O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica NEXT TUESDAY, OCT. 2nd to find out! But suffice it to say it’s something I’m proud to be a part of. I’ve joined with some of Los Angeles’ best and brightest to present to you a new movement in independent Soul Music. We’re having our official debut next Tuesday, and it’s your last, best chance to see me perform for the remainder of the year. 

Introducing: The Justice League of Soul

Too Pretty for Porn
Nikki O’Neill Band
Katie Cole
Philip Clark

The Justice League of Soul is a burgeoning and evolving collective of live-action musicians playing original Soul Music in all of its strange incarnations.

Join us for our FREE, inaugural, show!
LIVE AT OBRIEN’S in Santa Monica!
Tuesday, Oct 2nd at 9pm. Show starts at 9:30!
(click above to RSVP to the Facebook Event, or scan the QR code below.)

Hear my latest compositions on SoundCloud!
Did you know you can get sneak previews of unreleased material and outtakes from me on Sound Cloud. Check out my first Maschine Mikro experiment and more at


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Fan Exclusive! Preview My Upcoming Adult Mixtape (NSFW)



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Free Soul Music Saturday for May 5, 2012

Welcome to Free Soul Music Saturday. We pick through the greatest weekly free Soul Music releases so you don’t have to.

This was a pretty huge week for Free Soul Music. Many, many excellent singles. So make sure you check them out. Miguel completed his Art Dealer Chic trilogy in fine fashion. There are a lot of “Must Downloads” this week, so definitely take advantage of them as well.

Here is my complete listening list for the week, and here is the Spotify playlist for the week (good for one month).

Thanks to all the artists, producers, DJs, podcasters and music bloggers that bring this music to light!



Miguel – ART DEALER CHIC Vol. 3



Ordinary Heart cover art

Emily King – Ordinary Heart



Beat Flip Tuesdays Volume 5 cover art

Hexsagon – Beat Flip Tuesdays Volume 5



"Analog" cover art

Claude Deuce feat. Danielle – “Analog”


EPs & LPs 

Amori Infiniti cover art

Lucille Ghatti – Amori Infiniti +HOT+


Bama Love Soul – Loose Joints #13


Josh Xantus – Everybody Hates Josh X



I Live to Die and I Die to Live cover art
Depakote – I Live to Die and I Die to Live




Cookie Monster – Cookie Monster Galaxy


First Time EP cover art
Sinitus Tempo – First Time EP


The Lost Files Vol. 2 (2005-2006) cover art
BoomBaptist – The Lost Files Vol. 2 (2005-2006)


Inner Orchestra cover art
POETREE ( – Inner Orchestra


2011 cover art
Nes – 2011



Philip Clark – Cigarettes


Blackrainbows (Free DL) cover art
Athalia – Black Rainbows 


The Endangered – Calling On You


Idiomatic – Day Afternoon & Night


Lianne La Havas – Lost and Found (Maya Jane Coles Remix)


Mushroom Lounge – Last Days


phedeee – evrythng&


Afrolicious: Revolution


Medicine Promo Photo
Stik Figa – Medicine


Elliott Yamin – Ill Be That Bridge


Melodiesinfonie – catch you


Satta – Trouble (Renegades Of Jazz Remix)


March 2012 Newsletter – Wanna See Me Audition For “The Voice?”


The Road to 1000 Facebook ‘Likes.’


Want to see me audition for “The Voice?” ‘Like’ my band page on Facebook. If I get 1,000 ‘Likes,’ I’ll give it a shot. So tell your friends (feel free to share this email) and encourage everyone to check out the Philip Clark Band Facebook page and give it a ‘Like.’ You can also just hit the ‘Like’ button on the Philip Clark Website. 

“From Dusk Till Dawn” Still Available

For a limited time, head over to and grab a FREE download of my latest song, “From Dusk Till Dawn.” Enjoy and share this song with someone close to you. REMIXERS: get the instrumental and acapella tracks in this special 3-pack on Bandcamp.

From Dusk Till Dawn (3-Pack) by Philip Clark

Funky White Boy Radio – March Edition 

The March Edition is here! Over an hour of the best Contemporary R&B and Independent Soul Music. This one’s a heater, the perfect compliment to your down time or commute.



Thank you for your continued support! 


Free Soul Music Saturday for February 18, 2012

Welcome to Free Soul Music Saturday. Every week we comb the internet for the greatest in free, independent Soul Music. And this week is packed with some serious gems.

What an amazing week. We got new freeness from Peter Hadar, Raheem DeVaughn AND Miles Bonny. It was like Christmas in February. Plus, I discovered Kameron Corvet, and I’m telling you, this will be going in my “Best of 2012” lists, for sure. 

Here is my complete listening list for the week, which I highly recommend looking at for the podcasts and mixes that are included. And here is the Spotify playlist for the week.

Thanks to all the artists, producers, DJs, podcasters and music bloggers that bring this music to light!



Kameron Corvet – Fuck, Love



From Dusk Till Dawn Cover Art

Philip Clark – From Dusk Till Dawn



Wake Up Cover Art
Shag  – Wake Up



Together Forever Cover Art

Miles Bonny x B.Lewis – Together Forever



Tributes To James Dewitt Yancey (Free Download) Cover Art
Tributes To James Dewitt Yancey


EPs & LPs 

You’ve been waiting a while but hopefully it’s being worth it…Download and tell a friend to tell a friend. Jay Norton - Spare Room Sessions. 

Jay Norton – Spare Room Sessions


'Take Off Victoria' Cover Art
Peter Hadar – ‘Take Off Victoria’


Raheem Devaughn – Destination: Loveland


Lovers Lane Cover Art
Wally Clark of Gummy Soul – Lovers Lane



Smooth Grooves Beat Tape Cover Art
The Beat Tape Project – Smooth Grooves Beat Tape


The Cause Effect Cover Art
Blacc Slimm – The Cause Effect


Never Getting There EP Cover Art
DJ Noha – Never Getting There EP


Layerism Cover Art
Handbook – Layerism


Jenova 7 – Dusted Jazz Volume Two (LP)



Terrence Trent D’arby – Designated Fool (Aaron Ross, Nathan


Erykah Badu – I Want You (Rancido’s Deepersoul Edit)


Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” (Soulpersona “Rest In Musical Bliss” Remix)


Morris Alan – Let It Ride *HOT*


Just Glow Cover Art
Gloria Ry’ann – Divine

January 2012 Newsletter – Setting Goals and How To Find Great Free New Music

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season and are enjoying the new year. This is going to be a fantastic year for the music industry and all Philip Clark projects in general. I’m looking forward to sharing a whole bunch of new ideas and songs with you all. 2012 is going to be an unforgettable ride, so stay tuned here for further updates. And, as always, share this email with a friend and turn them on to some great independent Soul Music.

TUTORIAL: How to Find Great New Free Music Online

As promised in the video update, here is my tutorial on how I find new and exciting music online. Make sure you’re logged into your Google account and have your iTunes open. And then hang on, because your hard drive will never be the same.

“Best of 2011” Lists are now up!

Make sure you check out my favorite picks of Songs, Free Albums, Albums for Sale and Beat Tapes in 2011. All on my blog.

2011 in Review: Best Songs
2011 in Review: Best Free Albums/EPs
2011 in Review: Best For Sale
2011 in Review Bonus: Best Beat Tapes 

The Road to 1000 Facebook ‘Likes.’ 

If there is anything you could do for me this year, it’s to make sure you ‘Like’ my band page on Facebook. I’d really love to hit 500 followers before the end of the month. That’s a real challenge! So, I’m asking that you reach out to your friends (feel free to share this email) and encourage everyone to check out the Philip Clark Band Facebook page and give it a ‘Like.’ You can also just hit the ‘Like’ button on the Philip Clark Website. If we reach the followers goal by the end of the month, I’ll post a special surprise. Let’s make it happen!

Thanks again, and have a prosperous 2012!