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BEST OF 2012 – Top 10 Free Independent Soul Music Releases

This is it! The first of our Best of 2012 lists. This week we highlight the absolute best free Soul Music that hit the net all year.

Man, I feel ike I say this every year, but 2012 especially was an amazing year for free independent Soul and R&B. The sheer volume of material that was released this year really made my job difficult. But I’ve thought long and hard about these choices. And these releases are the ones that held my attention and/or made me re-visit them for multiple listenings. In this age of disposable music, these are the albums and EPs that rose to the top. Without further ado…

1) Mar – Seeing Her Naked

2) Kameron Corvet – Fuck, Love

3) POO BEAR – Beats 2 Break Up 2

4) Balance and the Traveling Sounds – Orisue presents Lost Luggage EP

5) Joanna Borromeo – Through The Dark

6) Taps – Almost Home

7) Dassit – Dassit

8) Dwele – Darkside Of The Mic


9) Emanny – Songs About HER


10) Bluey Robinson – The Late Shift


HONORABLE MENTION (in no particular order, consider these in the Top 20.)

Curt Chambers – One Way Ticket Phony Ppl – Phonyland.

Brittany Barber – I Heart Music

Kia Bennett – Duet of Daffodils

Roane Namuh & Reva DeVito – Cloudshine

Tere$▲jenee – Electric Yellow

Staycen x Koen – Never Too Late

Yuri Koller – Open Doors

Harbour City Electric – Without A Sound

Free Soul Music Saturday DELUXE for August 18, 2012

All I can say is that August has been a remarkable month for free Soul Music.

As you know, I was on vacation last week. But that didn’t stop me from listening to over 700 songs between my break and this week. And boy, all I can tell you is that this post is chock full of quality. Everything on this list is a banger. Go feed your hard drive.

Here is my complete listening list for the week, and here is the Spotify playlist for the week (good for one month).

Thanks to all the artists, producers, DJs, podcasters and music bloggers that bring this music to light!



Joanna Borromeo – Through The Dark

Rochelle Jordan – PRESSURE



Robin Thicke – Another Life

Ahmed Sirour presents...Fatback Faith - "Love Wicki Like This"<==NEW DOWNLOAD LINK (limited time)
Ahmed Sirour presents…Fatback Faith – “Love Wicki Like This”



Bloqué En 90 (Instrumentales) cover art
Oldy Clap Recordz – Bloqué En 90 (Instrumentales)

Dreams of Color EP cover art
Ryan Helsing – Dreams of Color EP



Wish – Me Against Her

nightglows EP cover art
Jazzy Gentle – nightglows EP


EPs & LPs 

Bama Love Soul – Loose Joints # 20

Discovery 3 –

Ups and Downs, Love as Sounds EP cover art
B-Rhymin – Ups and Downs, Love as Sounds EP

Live From the Dude (11.8.09) cover art
Groove Spoon – Live From the Dude (11.8.09)

Jonah Smith
Jonah Smith Archives (Join His Mailing List)

Look Up EP cover art
Kiah Victoria – Look Up EP

Traveling Through Sound cover art
Moods – Traveling Through Sound

Build Bridges To Love cover art
Sarasvati – Build Bridges To Love

Feel Like I Do Suite cover art
Water Seed – Feel Like I Do Suite

The Endangered - Live At Hotel Cafe [Aug 4th, 2012]
The Endangered – Live At Hotel Cafe [Aug 4th, 2012]


Beat Tape 2012 cover art
Islim – Beat Tape 2012

AbnormL Injustice-Gnomes and Headphones (2012) cover art
AbnormL Injustice – Gnomes and Headphones

Crystal Silence - The Jazz Jousters in harmony with Chick Corea cover art
Crystal Silence – The Jazz Jousters in harmony with Chick Corea

Right Reasons Ep cover art
Bhonstro – Right Reasons Ep

(ARTYBEATS+DNM) La vitrola del Abuelo ·Los vinilos olvidados· (EP 2012) cover art
DNM & ArtyBeats – (ARTYBEATS​+​DNM) La vitrola del Abuelo ·Los vinilos olvidados· (EP 2012)

Life Love Beats Volume I cover art
EBO – Life Love Beats Volume I

Into the Past cover art
ElyonBeats – Into the Past

Beat tape cover art
Jazzsounds – Beat tape

Red Cabrio EP cover art
Kaees – Red Cabrio EP

Life Is A Canvas cover art
Micky Fairbairn – Life Is A Canvas

Raw Futuristics cover art
Monk’ – Raw Futuristics

Rapohnelizenz Beat Tape 3 cover art – Rapohnelizenz Beat Tape 3

Smoked Mood Volume 1 cover art
SmokedBeat – Smoked Mood Volume 1

Slaps cover art
Suhnraw – Slaps

Curb Your Instrumentals cover art
αtμ – Curb Your Instrumentals



You're The One (Odd Future's The Internet feat. Mike G Remix)
Charli XCX – You’re The One (Odd Future’s The Internet feat. Mike G Remix)

Deborah Bond - Say It (Nicolay Remix).jpgDebórah Bond – Say It (Nicolay Remix) +HOT+

Love, Again
Eric Lau – Love, Again

Gensu Dean - "Wantchu feat. Olivier Daysoul" cover art
Gensu Dean – “Wantchu feat. Olivier Daysoul”

The Bottle ( JBoogie | Bloodfire | Kenny Dope EDIT )
Gil Scott-Heron – The Bottle (J Boogie | Bloodfire | Kenny Dope EDIT)

Get Out - single cover art
JusMoni x WD4D – Get Out

Everybody Loves The Sunshine (roy ayers cover/free download)
Kan Sano – Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Little Dragon - Little Man (Holygrailers Remix) - FREE DL
Little Dragon – Little Man (Holygrailers Remix)

sol. cover art
Mausi – sol.

Nayanna Holley – Faith

Nikki Grier - Summer Breeze
Nikki Grier – Summer Breeze – Prod by Seige Monstracity

Time Travel Undone
SZA – Time Travel Undone

Oh No!
J SAND – Oh No!

Worldwide prod. Ricardo Móck and Sem Grana
Solar-C – Worldwide prod. Ricardo Móck and Sem Grana





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