February Newsletter: NEW MUSIC! The Dreamchilde Suites have begun! And I want your booty!

Hope you’re having a great February so far! Just wanted to reach out to you with some fantastic news and updates on the music front. Hold on tight, because we’re kicking off 2010 with some new, seriously grooving music — for FREE!

The Dreamchilde Suites have begun!

After a nearly nine-year break from recording any new music, I’ve decided it’s time to finally release all this material I’ve basically back-logged for a number of years. I spent a lot of time debating about formats and what kind of material to release and came to one undeniable conclusion… Just do it.

This is going to be the year that I release the long-awaited sophomore follow-up to The State of Blue-Eyed Soul. Originally titled Dreamchilde, I’ve rethought the overall plan of the release and will be calling the project The Dreamchilde Suites. Part of what held me up for so long with this project has been the desire to make it more live-sounding by putting my band in a studio together and tracking all of the music together. Then I realized: that didn’t stop my with my first record. If I can’t afford the resources to do a big studio recording, it shouldn’t stop me from releasing the material at all. So I’ll be self-producing the record, very much the way I did the first one. The good news is that I’ll still be using the band and other great guest musicians to record most of the music.

That’s the basic philosophy of The Dreamchilde Suites. And the best part of the project is that I will be releasing one song from it a month. That’s right, every month this year you’ll be able to go to http://philipclark.com and download a new single from The Dreamchilde Suites for absolutely free! And if you miss a month, the previously released tracks will all be available for purchase in the Store section of the website.

But that’s not all. Once I’ve finished 5 or so songs, I will be collecting them into physical and digital EPs. Theoretically, I will collect three EPs total — one for each “act” of the collected suites. In addition, I will be calling on YOU, the fans, to help me with content from time to time — from homemade video footage to remixes and more. I want this to be a completely interactive project. I want your voice to be heard in my music.


So, let’s get this party started! The first track of The Dreamchilde Suites is already available right now on the website. “Tooty Got Booty” is a fun, funky party track in the vein of The Brand New Heavies. Take a listen below!


Now, GO GET IT! Click the download link above, or go to the home page at http://philipclark.com to get your free download. And please drop me a line letting me know what you think about the track.

Philip wants your booty!

Like the new groove? Wanna get yourself into a fan video of “Tootie Got Booty?” Well, break out the digicam, cameraphone, iPhone or whatever you’ve got and get to filming. Follow these easy steps:

1) Download “Tootie Got Booty” at http://philipclark.com or above.

2) Record yourself doing…? Be creative! Be silly. Lip synch. Play air saxophone. Or just goof it up for the camera. The sky really is the limit here. We’ll take all of the submitted footage and turn it into a fan-made video customize for the song and release it  on a future date.

3) Upload your video at the home page of http://philipclark.com in the “Philip Wants Your Booty” section.

Entries are due by February 28, so get those cameras rolling!

YouTube channel

Yes, there are plenty of live videos on the website. But you can see even more videos from me on my YouTube channel. Head over there, subscribe and comment on your favorites!

Podcast feed

Are you a podcast junkie like me? Did you know you can get new material and podcast synched directly to your iTunes? Click here or add this link to your podcast subscriber http://www.garageband.com/artist/philipclark/podcast/newsletter.xml

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Tell two friends!

As a fan, you are my best word-of-mouth advertisement. If you’re really digging what you’re hearing at Philip Clark Central, you’d be doing me a personal favor if you spread the word to your friends. Send ’em links to the homepage; tell them about the free song-a-month. There are even widgets at the bottom of this email that you can embed in your own website to stream music and more! I can’t emphasize how much I count on you for support and spreading the word. So please, go tell two friends right now to check out my music and get on the mailing list. You keep doing that, and I’ll keep cranking out the jams.

Network with us!

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Well, that’s about it. I know it was a long one this month, but there was a lot of news to cover. Enjoy the new jam, and I’ll see you next month!


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