Free Funky Music Friday for January 22, 2010

Here are this week’s souful mixtapes and podcasts:

More Teddy Pendergrass Tributes

Teddy P, rest in peace.
EJ Flavors – Teddy Pendergrass, RIP  Part 1 DOWNLOAD  Part 2 DOWNLOAD

Eavesdrop Podcast – Teddy Pendergrass Tribute  DOWNLOAD

DJ Wonder’s Teddy P. Tribute Mix  DOWNLOAD


A Deeper Groove: Soul Licks Volume 2  DOWNLOAD

The rest of Free Music Friday

OhsoKool presents :: 21LoveSalute – A Tribute to Sade  DOWNLOAD

Dena Sticky Flower – Lost + Found (Mix)  DOWNLOAD

*HOT* Flowink – Prototype Of Nu-Soul, Volume 16  DOWNLOAD

*HOT* Nu-Soul Radio Episode 2: Afta-1  DOWNLOAD

Gordon Gartrell Radio – Episode 16  DOWNLOAD


Truthseekers Radio – Universal Communique 01|16|10  DOWNLOAD

NOVAJAVABLEND #14 [01.18.10]

Novamatic – nOvaJavaBlend #14  DOWNLOAD

DJ Markus Gramm – Muhsinesse  DOWNLOAD

Svetnik – Blueprint EP  DOWNLOAD

*HOT* BP & Odds – The Gradient (Download)  DOWNLOAD

Miscreants & Misfits

JayTeeDee presents Miscreants & Misfits  MixCloud

PLUS, you can still download the NEW Groove 7 remix of my song “Granted” by Mr. Fresh of the Sunday Soundtrack for FREE at or!

Feel free to click on the images for the websites hosting these mixtapes. Thanks to all you podcasters for making these available!

Suggestions? Comments? Hit me here!

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