August 24, 2009 Morning Pages

Woke up early enough to try to knock out a quick morning pages entry. I’m sorry it’s been so long since the last one.

Week is starting off on the wrong foot, literally. Saturday, my ankle was giving me fits for reasons I can’t explain. I suffered through it all weekend, finally buying an ankle brace. The pain’s subsided a bit, but it’s still frustrating because I have no idea why it hurts or what I did to it in the first place. And putting on the brace itself hurts like a mother because it’s so tight. I’ll wear it to work today and pray that by the end of the day it’s corrected itself. Frustrating.

Another frustration is with the plumbing in my house. About every 4-6 months, the bathroom plumbing grinds to a standstill due to tree roots clogging up the mainline of the house. So I have to call the property managers and have them send out a plumber to run a rooter snake through the thing. It makes for a problematic morning routine, however, as the toilet doesn’t completely flush and sometimes backs up into the draining of the bathtub. God this is gross; let me move on to cheerier topics.

Ok, so band rehearsal last Friday. Went pretty well, all in all. We ran four new songs that I hope to record before the end of the year. With the three that we’ve already been running for the past few months, that makes over half the next album at least mostly under our fingers. If you’re interested in the track names of the new material, so far we’re looking at:

Tootie Got Booty
Big Blue Sky
World Turns Around
November Rain
All 4 the Love of U

I’ve been warning folks that this collection of songs will be a lot more poppy that what I’ve previously done. Hearing the liveness of a full band doubles this conviction. It’ll be interesting doing the post production on this batch of tunes, because I will more than likely simultaneously produce electronic tracks over what we’ve done acoustically. So expect some kind of alternate version or remix set of the entire project this time. Something I learned from producing the last record is why make one when you can make two at pretty much the same cost.

And speaking of remixes, expect to hear remixes of some of the “State of Blue-Eyed Soul” singles. Yes, after 8 or so years I’ve finally opened up those songs to remix interpretations. So that means if you just happen to be reading this and your a remixer, you can get your mitts on the raw vocal tracks of pretty much any of the songs on SOBES. For your convenience, I’ve put the first 3 tracks on Indaba Music here:

I’ve also put them up at Remixin, but the admins there are telling me I need to fix the main mp3 files. Here’s the link anyway.

I’m hoping anyone will take these elements and at least let me know when they’ve put out a remix with them. I’ll put this out there: I would love to release them on a mixtape or compilation, so bear that in mind when you remix.

Anyway, just a quick entry. Time to get ready for work in my plugged up shower.

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