June 8, 2009 Morning Pages

Wow. It’s been a while.

Lots of stuff going on. A milestone birthday came and went. Not as traumatic as I thought it would be, and truth to tell it sort of passed by as a non-event. Not as many friends were able to make the party as I’d hoped, so I’m hoping to connect with a lot of those people soon.

Big month for the band. We’ve got the IE Jazz and R&B Fest this weekend in Moreno Valley. Should be a great event, and if this weekend’s preview at It’s a Grind coffeehouse is any indication the band is going to sound fantastic. We’re really starting to gel as a group. No longer worried so much about format and learning songs, we’re finally getting into a groove and getting to know each other as musicians. All the little nuances and style that each player brings to the table. It’s my favorite part of playing in a group. Saturday’s gig at It’s a Grind was a lot of fun. I love being able to just show up at a place and start calling out tunes that we play without missing a beat.

Mocca was also this past weekend, and I guess the debut of CAG’s ICONIC went pretty well. Most reports from Mocca confirm one thing: it was hot. Roasting hot. Why on earth you’d have a huge indie comic convention with thousands attending and not have basic ventilation and air conditioning is beyond me. From the sounds of things, it needs to go back to the Puck Building. Anyway, Keith from CAG touched base with me, and it sounded positive. I’m eager to hear what the feedback on the book is.

Picked up a quick lettering gig at the beginning of the month. That worked out nicely, because I could use a little extra cash for San Diego Comic Con. That’s coming up soon, and the next month will be spent writing up treatments for the other ideas I’ve had brewing in my subconscious. As QUANTUM is sort of in a holding pattern, it’s been refreshing to build some of the other universes I’ve had in my head for a while.

Lots to catch up on, actually, but I’m reaching the end of my carpool, so I’m going to have to wrap it up. More later.

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