May 4, 2009 Morning Pages

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve logged in here, and I’m sorry. I could blame all those things: busy, busy, yadda, yadda; but it’s all a load of crap. I’ve needed to knuckle down and get to writing, and it’s high time I did so.

So, overall, things have been going pretty well. Really well, in fact, on a musical end. The band is probably the highlight of the past few weeks. The fellas are bonding and are very ambitious about the immediate future. We did our first full night of covers last Friday. I have to hand it to them, we did 4.5 hours without excessive delays between songs or any repeats. I’ve got a good group of musicians. They’re professional, open to teaching and criticism and also just good people. They’re also very good at getting their own people to come to gigs. Reception at the past couple gigs has been really favorable. We didn’t bring as many people into the last Genghis Cohen gig–and my voice was not up to snuff that particular night–but it was a good night nonetheless.

Starboard Attitude went off pretty much without a hitch. Folks were very enthusiastic about what they heard, and I actually sold a few EPs. It was good to see the Starboard folks again, and I’ll probably be trying to set up a once-a-month with them. Plus, we made money! Officially the first gig that I didn’t have to pay them out of my own pocket. We need more of those. At this point I can probably be able to do one original and one cover gig a month to keep the momentum going. Next goal: teaching them the rest of the originals for the next record. Question now is if I can do that before Moreno Valley. I have a feeling we’ll play a similar set to our first Genghis Cohen gig at Molly Mallone’s (May 12, 8PM). We’ve been working really hard lately; I’d like to give the guys one no-stress, no-cram gig for a change.

On other fronts, I’ve been prepping the highly-awaited ICONIC anthology for the Comicbook Artists Guild. The book will be a collection of new twists on old stories such as Robin Hood, Prometheus, St. George and the like. I co-wrote a story for the book with Raphael Gonzalez. It’s the story of Talos the Bronze, the giant that is eventually defeated by Jason and the Argonauts. This book has been a tumultuous journey. It’s both shaken and unified the group, and in my opinion will be the best thing they’ve put out. Clocking in at over 110 pages and catered towards education and literacy, it will be a perfect addition to any bookstore or library. Initial sales on the book look good. I’m hoping even more people get excited about it and order their copies.

On a personal level, it’s a mixed bag. Things are actually going pretty well for me in my relationships. Sadly, I’ve lost a couple friends to death a couple weeks ago. I have another friend who’s battling cancer right now. I’m turning over a new leaf, which is difficult. I have a birthday coming up, a big one. Every time that happens, I hold a mirror up to my life. Maybe that’s what’s contributing to some of my stress. Woke up sobbing this morning from some stupid dream. That always sucks. Obviously Freud is trying to tell me something, and maybe I’ll have to find someone to talk to about it. More on that at some other time.

Anyway, it’s a new day and time to take on another week. Off to the races.

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