March 13, 2009 Morning Pages

Carpooling again. What a fantastic way to get a little writing done.

Well, it’s official. We’re in the two-week window where I’ll really start pushing the Genghis Cohen gig. That’s right, on Thursday the 26th I’ll be bringing the band to LA and rocking the stage. So please let this go out as a general call to everyone with the in the view of this blog that lives in the greater Los Angeles area. I need you to come out and support! This is the only local gig on the books for the foreseeable future. Depending on how it goes, I may book more, but I know I’ll be focused on rehearsing the band for the next record. To that end, the set list will probably look something like this (not in order):

Flipside in the Ghetto
Free My Mind
Romeo and Juliet
Thinkin ‘Bout You
*undisclosed cover tune*
Tootie Got Bootie
Big Blue Sky
It’s Only Love
Twenty Days
Only Woman on the World (time providing)

See that? There are two NEW songs that are going to pop into the set this show. That gives you, the audience, the opportunity to hear brand new Philip Clark material before anyone else in the world! How cool is that? Plus, you really need to hear this band. They really are talented, exceptional musicians. There’s really only so much pimping I can do; you really just need to come see this for yourself.

Please go to for more info, or if you’re on Facebook you can probably search for the event there, too. As long as your there, please add me as your friend and also add my fan page.

As long as we’re talking about links, here are links to my various homes in the social networking scene. Please feel free to add these:
(my Twitter feed)
(my DJ handle)

Speaking of, my friend Scott and I were having an interesting conversation last night. What with all these social networks out there, it’s very easy to get your message to the masses, whatever it is. Scott was reading an article and pointed out that there are basically three kinds of twitterers: Mindcasters, Egocasters and Marketers. We observed that the best people to follow are the mindcasters–those that have interesting thoughts and observations and simple share them with the internet. The worst kind are the egocasters–those that simply tweet “check me. Me, me, me.” Marketers are a necessary evil to any social situation.

That said, I know I try more to be a mindcaster, although I know that early on I started as an egocaster. with all the new sites and features coming out, it becomes more and more apparent that this is the age of digital narcissism. It’s a potential danger for we as artists to get swept up in it all and stick to the business of creating.

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