March 11, 2009 Morning Pages

I always say it’s been a minute. Well, it’s been a minute.

Carpooling with the girl today. Instant advantage is that I can sit in the passenger seat and write while she drives. It’s a better way for me to take care of business on what is usually a wasted hour while I commute to work. In New York it was easier: sit on the subway and take care of whatever work I had. Out in La-La Land it’s a little more complicated. Being a slave to the 405 only gives me a couple three things I can knock out during drive time. I can make phone calls, sadly, only to the East Coast; because, of course, it’s too early to call anyone in LA. I can record voice notes for either story or song ideas. That, I don’t do enough. Just haven’t organized enough to do it, plus there’s the added step of having to transcribe any such notes to the computer later. Most of the time, I listen to music; either stuff I look to for inspiration or rehearsal tapes or new compositions that I’ve bounced down to perfect. I just hate feeling like I’m wasting that time. It’s two hours out of my day, and I don’t get paid for it.

And so it is that I’m actually knocking out a morning page while my wife cranks out fair-to-middlin’ Top 40 and Country music from the radio…

Oh, quick aside here. WILL EVERY PRODUCER ON THE PLANET STOP USING AUTO-TUNE?? Every fucking song I hear now has some gimick-y vocal track that’s over-saturated with the god-damned Auto Tune plug-in. I think 10 years is long enough for this trend to die a quick and painful death. And let me add, DOING IT TO STEVIE WONDER’S VOICE IS A CRIME WHICH SHOULD EARN WHATEVER PRODUCER A LIFETIME SENTENCE IN GUANTANAMO BEING ASS-RAPED BY GREAT DANES AND FED COCK SANDWICHES EVERY MEAL. It is singularly the worst thing to ever happen to Popular music. The fact that the watershed moment for Auto Tune was a Cher tune should be a major fucking clue that it was a bad, bad, bad idea. Here’s an idea, learn how to sing or perhaps even work a talk-box. Something that takes actual fucking talent.

Oh, and the Gitmo thing should just happen to Kanye anyway.

There, rant over. Ah, that felt good.

This is awesome, halfway to work and I’ve already generated over 400 words. As much as I fought the whole carpool thing with the wife, it might actually be a good idea. Plus, added bonus, I’m keeping miles off the leased Mazda. Lesson for next time: make sure the iced coffee is made. Winchell’s will be the first order of the day once I get out of the car.

Ok, lots going on lately. Taking care of promo for the upcoming gig at Genghis Cohen (March 26th at 10PM, folks. I’ll be making a big fucking deal out of it soon). This is one where I simply have to bring out bodies to support, so I’m a little nervous about it. Also, it’s really the first real visible original gig here in LA-proper. Will probably be begging, borrowing and offering sexual favors to all of my friends and colleagues in town to get them to come out. The good news is that the band sounds pretty awesome and I’m adding new material to the set. I guess I shouldn’t be to concerned with playing old SOBES songs, considering not a lot of folks out here have heard them. But I’m really trying to get into the head of the new record, and definitely after this gig I’ll be teaching the band all the new stuff. I think the strategy will be to have rehearsals at least twice a month for the foreseeable future. I like rehearsing. I miss it. It gives me a chance to bond with my musical family. Not only will I be able to get the next record tracked, but I’ll also be able to work up some cover sets. Doing to original showcase is well and good, but I know building a fanbase will entail getting to the regular clubs and doing some cover gigs every now and then. They’re also arguably more profitable. Every gig and rehearsal is a financial investment at this point. I’d like to be saving money for the stuff I know I’m going to need later this year, like video production and recording costs. Regardless, it will all be seriously underground budget. The key is to come up with quality ideas that don’t require a lot of overhead.

Well, rolling up to the jobby job. More later.

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