January 15, 2009 Midnight-ish pages

This one is going to be short and sweet.

Coming in from a night of camaraderie and libation, feeling like I’ve seriously come home for probably the first time in a long time.

With a new year brings new promise. It feels like I’ve spent the past year clearing my life of the debris of my past existence, making room for the vast expanse of a tremendous future.

(Yes, long-winded and lofty. Bear with me.)

I’ve worked very hard at clearing my plate of all the yes-es I’ve agreed to to get me where I am today. This year is for me and mine. I’ll be diving back into QUANTUM and my other comic book ideas, producing “Dreamchilde,” my sophomore musical attempt, and focusing on my personal projects and relationships. And if I’m very, very, very focused, directed and lucky, I may actually consider procreation.

That said, the new year does bring a refreshing wind of change. Perhaps all of us Americans are just anticipating a new political administration. Or perhaps the very source of that change inspires us the way we have so desperately needed to be inspired for nearly 10 years now.

I won’t spend much time questioning it. The bottom line is better management. I’d rather continue what I’ve started since December; watching what I take in, disciplining myself better in all things. Focusing on my intent. Working around mine and my wife’s schedule. Diversifying yet becoming more effective. All the things I should have done in my twenties that I’m finally getting the hang of in my thirties.

Make no mistake, y’all ain’t ready. Mark my words.

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