September 4, 2008 Evening Pages – Philip’s Blue Eyed Soul Hall of Fame, Pt. 2

Continuing from yesterday, here is the rest of my tribute to my favorite Blue Eyed Soul artists:

David Pack

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Probably one of the most under-appreciated of his era. As Ambrosia’s lead singer, Pack’s style and voice were absolutely genre defining. He also did a number of solo stints in the 80’s that were totally overlooked. This guy gets many props in my book.

Paul Carrick


Another under-appreciated gem. But you’d know him if you’d heard him. Just go to Ace’s “How Long Has This Been Going On,” Squeeze’s “Tempted” or “Silent Running” by Mike and the Mechanics–not to mention his own solo work. A Blue Eyed Soul powerhouse.

Phil Collins

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Phil had a soul, charm and sense of song-craft and rhythm that was truly his own and pushed him to the forefront of the 80’s music scene as a member of Genesis. But album tracks off his solo outings will really show this guy had a deep love for old-school soul.

George Michael


Hitting with a massively luscious voice, good looks, and steady hooks, this brit took the best elements of his Stevie Wonder influence and ruled the late 80’s and early 90’s. His solo debut, “Faith,” is still ground-breaking to this day.

Annie Lennox

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A complete soulful vocal powerhouse. I don’t know many people funkier than this woman. She’s outright dangerous with how much passion and soul she has. It’s actually kind of scary.

Robbie Nevil


“C’est La Vie” indeed. This phenomenal singer, songwriter and producer is vastly under-appreciated. Go find his music and absorb it.

Richard Marx

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Probably best known for 80’s soft-ballads, Marx is a songwriter’s songwriter and a hell of a vocalist. All commercial success aside, he is a prime example of all things true and blue.

Robert Palmer


How could this guy leave our planet so quickly and suddenly. This guy had pipes and pizzazz. A Blue Eyed Soul great.

Peter Cox

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Most people will gloss over Peter as the frontman of Go West. But dig deeper and you’ll find a fantastic solo career, lyrical vocal range and fluidity and a deep rooted passion. Singers, do yourself a favor and study this guy.

Jon B.

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An absolute force to be reckoned in modern R&B, I truly can not believe this guy is white sometimes.


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Pooling his own quirkiness with a huge Stevie Wonder influence, Jay Kay helped bring Acid Jazz to the masses.

Justin Timberlake


As a member of NSYNC and eventually a massive solo artist, you can’t deny that JT is probably the epitome of what Blue Eyed Soul has become today. At times, I feel he does a better Michael Jackson than Michael Jackson.

Remy Shand


Unfortunately, this guy only had a couple of hits a few years back. But this one-man production and music prodigy has some serious chops–as both a multi-instumentalist and singer. You can hear Marvin’s ghost coming out of this kid. Gives me chills.

Robin Thicke


Although probably the closest thing I’ll ever have to a nemesis, you have to give the guy credit. He’s a capable singer and songwriter who’s paid his dues and struck a chord with the mainstream. His ground-breaking “Lost Without You” is as smooth as hot butter. Very much looking forward to the upcoming record.



An overlooked Blue Eyed Soulster of this era. Go out and buy this guy’s debut album NOW! Tomi mixes the best of what you’d expect from Justin or Robin, spins with a heavy Prince influence and then puts his own mark on it. Highly recommended.

Marc Broussard


What little I’ve heard of this guy I very much enjoy. Looks like he’s very well on his way to helping usher in the next level of Blue Eyed Soulfulness.

Jamie Lidell


A relatively new voice in the genre, but one that’s gotten high critical acclaim. Keep an eye out for this one.

Philip Clark

What kind of list would this be without…ME? Yes I’ll keep the tooting of my own horn to the minimum, but be assured that you’ll see great things coming up, and I’ll hopefully earn my place on this list of legends.

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